Shooting Tanks

Shooting Tanks is a video game for Android and Windows. You are an explorer in a two-dimensional world full of robotic tanks. The objective of the game is to destroy all tanks. Although your character has a powerful gun, it is mostly unprotected against the tanks.

Download from Google Play Download from the Windows Store Play a demo in your browser


You can only shoot horizontally or vertically. The tanks (with the exception of the blue ones) can only shoot in the direction they are driving.

Level design

Each level is unique. In some levels you can blindly run towards the tanks, while other levels require some kind of strategy. A level typically takes a few minutes to complete.


  • 68 free levels
  • Windows only: 31 paid levels, $1 unlocks them all
  • 10 different tanks
  • Design your own levels
  • Works with keyboard and touch
  • No ads, even in the free version